Elfeledett Kincsünk Amarillisz

geb. 06.10.2014, Erd, Hungary

Größe: 65 cm

Gewicht: 26 kg


Amarillisz is our princess. Inside the house she's very discreet outside she is very amped. She's the one who arbitrates every quarrell between others and if somebody propositions her, she just turns around and slowly walks away.


Amarillisz is the star at dog shows. She easily copes with all dog show stress and perfectly presents herself in the ring - except if it's raining, then her motivations sinks to the deepest level. Well, a typical princess...

She is German Youth Champion VDH, German Club Youth Champion DWZRV and will finish her International, German and Netherlands Champion in spring 2017.


Our Amy can hardly be hold if she sees the hare on the race track or at lure coursings. She really jumps for joy. Once started she is totally hare focussed and gives her best.


Pedigree Elfeledett Kincsünk Amarillisz