Aranyagi Utonallo Hizelgö

dob. 9th October 2015, Hödmezövasarhely, Hungary

Size: 65 cm

Weight: 26 kg


"Hizelgö" means "the flattering girl" and that's what she is. She is a real souldog and perfectly represents the characteristics of a Magyar Agar because she is fast and agile, loves hunting, can jump like a kangaroo, is a water rat, doesn't care for the weather, is very attentive, intelligent and alert.


Hizelgö is always in a good mood and ready for drivel.


She is easy to present in the showring and is already german youth champion VDH and german club youth champion DWZRV. Nevertheless she shows her passion on the race track and at lure coursing.


Pedigree Aranyagi Utonallo Hizelgö