Unsere Magyar Agars


We choose our Magyar Agars under the aspects of health. pedigree and appearance. A judge once said concerning the pretty small but fully standard size of our Magyar Agars: "This was standard in 1905." For us, this is the preferred picture of the Magyar Agar as a relatively small rabbit and hare hunter in the forests.  There are many other types of Magyar Agars all relating to where they lived and what they were bred for. All types are Magyar Agars, because the Magyar Agar is possibly the most versatile sighthound at all.


Here are the pages of our Magyar Agars:

Ibo de l'Etoile du Centaure

Elfeledett Kincsünk Amarillisz

Jannarah de l'Etoile du Centaure

Aranyagi Utonallo Hizelgö