Magyar Agar Portrait

You can find official breed portraits/standards on several sites such as the DWZRV, FCI, Wikipedia etc. This portrait should be about the Magyar Agar how I got to know and love him.


SOCIAL: Magyar Agars are very social. It's easy to hold them in a group. Even older dogs are easily integratable. The Magyar Agar not only loves his own breed mates. He likes every breed.

He is also very social, loyal and true towards his humans. He almost explodes of joy when someone of the family gets home, has a rotating tail and a big grin on his face (all our Magyar Agars are able to grin or laugh). A Magyar Agar even welcomes strangers with much joy as long as one of the humans has welcomed the person.


NO DOG FOR A KENNEL: The Magyar Agar shouldn't be hold in a kennel, he's much too social for it. He really needs the contact to humans. Physical contact is also highly appreciated, and the Magyar Agar loves to give kisses to everyone.


INTELLIGENT: The Magyar Agar porbably is one of the most intelligent breeds. He learns very quickly. You're stunning when you're seeing your Magyar Agar pull the blanket with his teeth from the ground on the sofa (Hizelgö) because it's just more comfortable on it, or if you're seeing your Magyar Agar pushing the blanket in the gaps of the sofa so it can't fall down just as he seen it from his human (Jannarah). To open doors to both sides is one of their easiest things, they even try to open door knobs that have to be turned to open by turning with both paws on the knob to one side (Ibo). And things that can't be reached with the mouth are pulled closer by paws...

They also learn commandos very quickly but they don't want to obey all the time.



NEEDS TO RUN: The Magyar Agar needs to run. He likes walks on the leash or besides the bike but that's not enough. He must be allowed to run without leash. Best with other dogs that are more or less as fast as he is. The Magyar Agar runs just because he loves running. He just needs it. But don't forget: The Magyar Agar is a hunting dog. It's not a good idea to let him run in areas with lots of rabbits, hares, pheasants or deers. (Well, of course the Magyar Agar would like the idea but not you and definitely not the huntsman.) To have an own high fenced ground around the house, a secure dog park nearby, a nice beach in short distance or something like that is important for the Magyar Agar. The Hungarian Greyhound must run free several times a week (best daily) then it can even be hold in a town. It's als very, very good to go to the sighthound race track or lure coursing area with a Magyar Agar; there he can act out his running and hunting passion.


ALERT AND OBSERVANT: The Magyar Agar had not only be hold as a hunting dog in his origin country Hungary but also as an excellent guard dog, that's why the breed still is very alert . Without permission no stranger will enter the ground or house.


WATER RATS: Magyar Agars love water! No matter what weather lakes are very attractive for them. In summer time they like to lie down in puddles.