Litters/Litter plans

Due to illnesses of their owners the beautiful boys Kedves and Kisérö are looking for a new home (Ibo de l'Etoile du Centaure x Elfeledett Kincsünk Amarillisz).

L-Litter: Here we are!!!


On 5th March 2018 our Jannarah de l'Etoile du Centaure gave birth to six strong puppies (three males and three females) with the weight of 470 to 520 grams. It was an easy birth and Jannarah did everything on her own. We just had to watch, compliment and carress her.


Proud father of this special litter is the Hungarian male Fenyüzö Bánk Bán.


You can find the pedigrees of both parents and some pics of the father below.


Photos can be found under L-litter...

K-litter: They are born!!!

On October 30 2017 our Amarillisz gave birth to 4 boys and 3 girls. All are doing well. Amarillisz is a very careful and caring mother. Father Ibo was allowed to look from outside.

You can find photos under K-litter.


Pedigree Elfeledett Kincsünk Amarillisz

Pedigree Ibo de l'Etoile du Centaure

47th day of pregnancy

Amarillisz on her 47th day of pregnancy and before the mating. The perfect figure has gone...

Elfeledett Kincsünk Amarillisz  x  Ibo de l'Etoile du Centaure



We're expecting puppies!!!  Parents will be our beloved princess Elfeledett Kincsünk Amarillisz and our prince charming Ibo de l'Etoile du Centaure. The two have been in love with each other since the day they met. Now it was time they came together. The puppies are due beginning of November 2017.

Both are multiple beauty champions and have their race track and lure coursing licences. Two very special Magyar Agars with special pedigrees.


Pedigree Elfeledett Kincsünk Amarillisz

Pedigree Ibo de l'Etoile du Centaure