About me

When I was a child I longed to have a dog, but because my mum was afraid of dogs I wasn't allowed to get one. Instead of with a dog I grew up with cats and rabbits, what I appreciated as well.


When my best friend commited suicide, my mother jumped over her shadow of fear and allowed me to have a dog. From then on, Apollo had been my companion. He was a mix of Labrador, Rottweiler and Great Swiss Sennenhund, pitch-black and a real appearance. Twice a week I went to the dog school with him and did a lot of training.


When I left home, I wasn't able to take Apollo with me. He certainly didn't like the small flat on the third floor. That's why he stayed with my parents who adored him.


For several years I've lived without a canine friend. Three jerboas were the only four pawed members of my life.


When I finally moved to a bigger flat with balcony on the first floor and reduced my working hours a dog had to come into my life again. From the shelter I got Arco, a  Podenco-Labrador mix. Two weeks later two cats joined, and in the following two years two cats more. - Arco was a real souldog. He was exremely sensitive and liked every animal and human (except they were drunken). We understood each other blindly. Well, that doesn't mean he didnt have his own mind. It's said, that a Podenco is a mixture between cuddly cat and bullheaded donkey - that was also true for the Podenco mix.

The last days from the diagnosis DCM till Arco's death had been very intensive for me, all the bigger was the emptiness in me when he left.


With Ibo a new souldog entered my life. He and his half-sister Jannarah are warming me every night in bed. And sometimes Hizelgö or Amarillisz sleep in my bed, too. Magyar Agars need physical contact and are real "Lelki Társ" (soulmates).