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Why a Magyar Agar?

Who knows him, the Magyar Agar, the Hungarian Greyhound?

Whenever I explain to someone what kind of dog breeds we have, I hear the answer "Ouukay", and that means as much as "No idea, how these breeds look, but nice to have talked about it."


Well, I have to admit, some years ago I might have told the same. I have never heard of a Magyar Agar, although I owned a Podenco-Mix, well, some kind of sighthound.


When in December 2012 our Rhodesian Ridgeback dog died unexpectedly at the age of not yet seven years, the Scottish Deerhound dog Merlin joined us and completet the quartet consisting of Rhodesian Ridgeback lady Jua, Podenco-Mix dog Arco and the old Kromfohrlander-Mix lady Sojie again.

And then another unexpected thing happened. On his 7th birthday Arco started coughing, especially when he did nothing at all or after sleeping. I immediately sensed the most terrible but at the beginning disavowed it. Two days later we went to see the vet nevertheless. The vet confirmed my presentment. Arco had DCM (dilutative Cardiomyopathy), of which we had never noticed anything before, and I think that had been the best for Arco, because he could live his life the way he wanted and hadn't been held off playing and running because of our fear for his heart. Ten days later Arco fell asleep forever - one day before the salvation at the vet was planned.


I felt lost and lonely. Arco had gone through so many things with me, and now he wasn't there anymore - my souldog. I was looking for consolation searching for a new four pawed friend. It should be something like a Podenco again, a sensitive dog with an own will. That's how we got to the Magyar Agar. The description of his character as well as his appearance stroke us immediately. And when I finally found a Magyar Agar puppy in France, a pup that was born on the day when Arco was diagnosed DCM and that carried a patch shaped like a heart, the decision was made and Ibo de l'Etoile du Centaure joined us.


That was the beginning of the Lelki Társ kennel. By the way, Lelki Társ is Hungarian and means soulmate.

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